Each year one musical theatre scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding student at the Tennessee Thespian Conference. The scholarship will be in the amount of $1,000.00. The applicant should be aware that this scholarship is intended for a senior student who desires to further his or her fine arts education in college or in a specialized academy. All applicants must be registered delegates of the Conference, be a member in good standing of his/her Thespian troupe and the International Thespian Society, and pay full Conference fees. 

The deadline for submissions is December 6, 2019. Late submissions will be accepted until December 20, 2019 and will require a $20 late registration fee. Any application that is incomplete will be disregarded.

The criteria upon which the scholarship will be judged is as follows:

40% will be performance

  • Each applicant is asked to sing one Broadway show tune and present one acting monologue FROM A MUSICAL that will be performed for the judges.

  • Each piece may be up to one minute in length.

  • The judges will select a few pieces to be performed for the Conference.

30% will be interview

  • Applicants who are called back will meet with the judges for a 10-minute period. The interview is a means for the judges to get to know the applicant on a more personal level. The interviews will take place on Saturday during the callbacks.

15% will be activities, leadership, and involvement in the arts

  • For this category each applicant is asked to fully answer the questions that appear on the application form. Please do not submit incomplete forms.

15% will be academic achievement (high school grades only)

  • Each applicant must submit their high school transcript at the registration table at the conference.

This scholarship is not a need-based scholarship. All applications must be approved by the school’s Thespian sponsor.

Robert E. Crain Musical Theatre Scholarship Guidelines

  • Candidates must sing one Broadway show tune AND present one acting monologue FROM A MUSICAL (1 minute each).

  • You must slate your monologue: state your name, title of the song and the musical it is from, title of the play the monologue is from, and the author/composer of each.

  • DO NOT include any explanation or background for your song or scene.

  • Candidates will be evaluated on their overall musicality, expression, style, poise and ability to effectively interpret the musical piece from an acting standpoint.

  • Light movement is acceptable but dancing and/or choreography will not be considered.

  • The song must be sung to a track that has music ONLY (NO VOCALS can be on the track)

  • Candidate must provide the track on their own personal audio device.

  • No songs may be sung a cappella.

  • The conference will provide a speaker and a connection for your personal audio device that will also have Bluetooth capabilities.

  • Due to spotty Wi-Fi connections in the audition rooms, it is recommended that the music be downloaded to the device.

  • Students may apply for all scholarships, but will not be awarded more than one.

  • Musical scholarship performances and interviews will be held with the same judges who are judging the acting scholarships and will be held at the same time.

  • You must bring a copy of your high school transcript to the conference. Your application will not be considered without your transcript.