State Executive Board Nominations 

The deadline for submissions is December 1 . All forms must be submitted via email or postmarked by this date. The nomination form can be found HERE. Print the form, fill it out, scan, and email to


Fill out the form and mail to:
Mr. Mark Saltalamachia
C/O Franklin High School
810 Hillsboro Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064

Executive Board Information

  1. All troupes and/or troupe sponsor may nominate one Thespian to run for Executive Board.

  2. All nominees must receive the approval of their sponsor in order to run for office.

  3. All conference delegates who are Thespians must vote for 2 nominees or their ballot will not
    be counted.

  4. The Executive Board will consist of the 6 nominees receiving the greatest number of votes.

  5. The Chairperson of the Executive Board will be the student receiving the greatest number of votes.

  6. The Board will later divide other executive duties as needed.

  7. The chairmanship may not be held by a school more than two consecutive years. If a school has held the chairmanship for two consecutive years and wins it a third year, that school will still serve on the board, and the student receiving the second highest number of votes will serve as chairman.

Objectives of the Executive Board

  1. To continue the Society’s chain of command to its legal conclusion . . . the students for whom the
    Society exists.

  2. To form a bond among troupes in a state area for the promotion of secondary school theatre arts
    and to provide assistance in carrying out theatre related programs.

  3. To assist the state director in carrying out his/her duties and responsibilities as defined in Article V
    of the constitution of The International Thespian Society.

  4. To unite Thespian troupes around the state, so they may serve as an official voice of theatre within their state.

  5. To plan the annual state conference and other State Thespian activities.


  1. Each candidate and their school Thespian troupe must be in good standing with the International Thespian Society.

  2. A student may be elected for no more than 2 consecutive terms; however, he/she may serve only one term as chairman on the Executive Board.

  3. The term of office will run from January 15 to January 15 of the following year.

  4. Executive Board members must be a Thespian in good standing during their term of office and must remain a student in a secondary school in Tennessee that has a registered Thespian troupe.

  5. Prior to taking office, all newly elected Executive Board members must be available to meet with and work with the incumbent Executive Board.

  6. An Executive Board member must be able to travel across state at his/her own expense in order to plan and coordinate state Thespian activities.

  7. Executive Board members must attend at least 5 Board meetings per year and must be able to spend the additional time necessary to assist in maintaining the State Thespian Organization.

  8. An Executive Board member who fails to meet these obligations or who violates school, local, state, or federal laws may be subject to removal from office by the State Director.

Eligibility to Run

  1. To be eligible to run for office the candidate must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

    • Must have attended at least one state conference OR

    • Must be or have been in the past an Advisory Board member OR

    • Must have been a Thespian at least one year in their local troupe.

  2. Each candidate must submit a one paragraph resume about themselves. The resume should outline the candidate’s goals and ideas for the State Thespian organization. The resume must be typed and no longer than one page (8 1/2 x 11). At the top of the paragraph include your name in capital letters. Do not list your school and do not mention your school name in the resume. The sheet will be photocopied as presented and distributed to the Thespian delegates.

General Campaign Rules and Regulations

  1. Only Thespians can run.

  2. Only Thespians can vote.

  3. If any candidate for Executive Board is in violation of any Thespian conference rules, your name will be taken off the ballot immediately.

All Candidates are Encouraged to:

  1. Talk with as many people as possible prior to the election.

  2. Campaign with posters, buttons, slogans, etc. All campaigning is to be done in a constructive manner so as not to interrupt meetings, workshops, performances, and the like. Campaigning may begin at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and all signs must be taken down during dinner Saturday.

  3. Posters and signs may only be posted in designated areas. Candidates will be notified about appropriate areas. Any posters or signs in non-designated areas will be removed and discarded.

  4. Candidates may not use labels or stickers for campaign promotions due to the extreme difficulty of removing these items from conference surfaces (walls, floors, etc.)

  5. Ask questions of the present board members if you are unclear on any issue.

  6. Be courteous to all other candidates and present a positive image.

  7. Dress appropriately – Be yourself, but look nice!

  8. Enjoy your campaign and, win or lose, grow from your experiences.

Campaign Speech Guidelines

  1. Prepare a speech for the General Meeting.

  2. The entire presentation must not exceed 4 minutes in length. Ninety (90) seconds of your presentation may be used as your “attention-getter” (skit). The remaining two and a half minutes must include a speech that contains information about yourself and your participation in Thespians, goals for the state organization etc…Tell how Tennessee will benefit by having you on the board. Remember, part of your duties as a state officer will include speechmaking before large audiences.

  3. Your speech must be positive, non-slanderous, and informative. Your skit/speech shall not contain lewd or offensive language, sexual innuendos, inappropriate material, etc.

  4. All speeches and skits must be seen and approved by your sponsor prior to the conference. The speech and skit must be presented exactly as the sponsor previewed it prior to the conference.

  5. All speeches and skits must adhere to local school rules of behavior and must contain appropriate content and actions as would be expected in a school setting.

  6. Any special requirements for your campaign presentation must be approved by Friday at 6:00 p.m. Special requirements include anything beyond special costuming or hand props. Candidates are prohibited from using any item which may potentially cause harm to candidates or conference delegates.

  7. Students who do not adhere to these rules will be disqualified.

  8. There will be a strict adherence to the 4 minute time limit. Time will be called and the student MUST stop at 4 minutes. No exceptions allowed.

The nomination form can be found HERE. Print the form, fill it out, scan, and email to


Please fill out the form and mail to:
Mr. Mark Saltalamachia
C/O Franklin High School
810 Hillsboro Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064