Performance Workshop


The Performance Workshop provides student actors with an opportunity to perform and to be critiqued. Students may choose to present a monologue, duet scene, or small group ensemble piece (3-5 actors). We will provide qualified teachers to work with these students during the workshop sessions. If you are in a main stage show or auditioning, we will schedule around it.

The deadline for submissions is November 20. No late registrations will be accepted.

Criteria and Restrictions

  • Solo pieces must be limited to four minutes.

  • Duet/small group scenes are to be no longer than 7 minutes.

  • All scenes must be published material.

  • No original material will be accepted.

  • This event is on a space-available basis. Early submissions will receive first priority.

If you have more than one student or group who wishes to perform, please use a separate submission form for each performance.

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If this is a duet or ensemble, please separate each individual's name with a comma.
Monologue, Duet, Small Group/Ensemble, etc